EastEnd Cabaret: Sexual Tension

Eastend Cabaret pays homage to the well-established tropes of Cabaret and they do it well. The show is packed with glamour, cheek, cracking harmonies and infused with just a dash of gore.

The two put the raunch in raunchy; dialling the sexually-charged genre of cabaret up to 11.

The cabaret consists of an unlikely duo. The raunchy Bernadette, adorned in feathers, a fringe you could sharpen a knife on, and a pan-Eastern European accent, has an unquenchable sexual appetite. Victor Victoria is side kick and accompanist to Bernadette; half man and half woman and all clown. S/he is haplessly knee-deep in unrequited love with Bernadette. The pair; Diva and Clown, fret, sing and strut their stuff all over the stage and beyond, perpetually stealing focus from each other, lambasting one another, but as with most comic duos; clearly inseparable.

The two put the raunch in raunchy; dialling the sexually-charged genre of cabaret up to 11. This show is not for the faint of heart; the audience gets a thorough going over as Bernadette and Victor Victoria draw hapless victims into their games and machinations. Woe betide the unsuspecting men whom Bernadette’s siren eye happens to fall upon.

Victor’s nimble fingers belt out piano and accordion melodies as the two deliver quirky, sensual and thoroughly silly numbers that bounce off the back of the room. We witness Victor Victoria in a constant struggle between her duties as accompanist and the utter vexation of being unwilling witness to Bernadette’s sexual escapades. The effect is hilarious.

This is a thoroughly joyous hour of lung busting melodies and ridiculously cheeky antics. This cabaret is much more than a series of unrelated ditties; the complexity of the relationship between Bernadette and Victor Victoria encapsulating love, lust, jealousy and joy unfold as the show progresses and is thoroughly engrossing.

A sexually charged, boisterous, dark and hilarious cabaret that flirts dangerously with the audience’s boundaries. The 200+ venue is selling out so get your ticket as soon as possible.

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

Bernadette and Victy are not dating. Not technically dating. But they do share a bed– and the cult musical comedy duo are ready to rip the sheets off and reveal their most bizarre, hilarious secrets ever. With an arsenal of cleverly naughty songs and the sharpest wit around, the deviant diva and half-moustachioed musician will seduce you with their uniquely filthy brand of comedy. 'A high-powered Flight of the Conchords dipped in acid and drenched in smut' (Crikey). 'Irresistible' (Guardian). ***** (Time Out). 'Gleefully filthy' ***** (Edinburgh Spotlight). 'Hysterical' ***** (SundayMail). 'Comic genius!' ***** (ThreeWeeks).