Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never Be Caught

You don’t need to be a hippo expert to help Dr Zieffal and Dr Ziegal catch a hippo in Edinburgh – all you need are the right tools and to keep your eyes peeled! The Hippo that Can Never be Caught teaches us all the different techniques you might need to spot your own hippo in the wilderness of Edinburgh as Dr Zieffal brings us along on her journey to catch one, showing us every step that needs to be taken to prepare for a sighting!

Dr Zieffal, Dr Ziegal and the ever-crafty hippo will provide endless amusement

Zieffal is a hippo-enthusiast, and by the end of the show, you will be too. Portrayed by Georgia Murphy, enthusiasm and energy radiates from Dr Zieffal and captures the wandering minds of little ones from the beginning. Murphy’s dynamic facial expressions, over-exaggerated quirks and silly demeanour had every child in the room invested in the act; they were all eager to be part of her journey in catching a hippo. 

There were points throughout the show where the storyline perhaps lacked direction or excitement, but even in these lulls, Dr Zieffal’s presence carried the show and allowed these smaller stale moments to be smoothed over. Murphy’s improvisation and reactions to the audience should be applauded (as often wee ones don’t always give the answers you were expecting!). Her witty remarks and quickfire puns allowed the show to entertain all the adults in the room as well. 

Murphy so successfully built up the anticipation and excitement for the audience that, when we finally saw our hippo (Oliver Weatherly), the whole room was squealing with excitement. There were several, old school Benny-Hill style chasing scenes which had both children and adults laughing and there was definitely no shortage of pantomime-like call and responses; perfect for keeping any wee hippo-catching assistants from becoming distracted.

With a heart-warming finish and plenty of imagination required, Dr Zieffal, Dr Ziegal and the ever-crafty hippo will provide endless amusement and get inquisitive and curious minds turning with their fun and comical tale.

Reviews by Sarah Virgo

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The Blurb

Calling all hippo expert enthusiasts! Award-winning family comedy that will have kids storming the stage. Join Dr Zeiffal on the hunt for the hippo that can never be caught! Featuring: the Invisible Hippo Blanket, the Hippo Google Googles and a blizzard of Hippo packaging. Expect belly laughs, belly flops and fantastical falls in this brilliant new adventure created by Mouths of Lions. Best Family Show (Buxton Fringe 2016).