Doug Segal: I Know What You're Thinking - Free

Doug Segal delivers a perplexing array of mind-blowing, mind-reading tricks modulating gradually to a standing ovation climax. Had this climax come at the end of the show it would have been a perfect free night out - however, ten extra minutes of less impressive psychic slight-of-mind were tagged unceremoniously onto the end. Doug promised to teach one of the audience to read minds - which he does quite successfully - possibly because, judging from the all-too sincere performance of the volunteer tonight, it might not have been her first time. Whilst the lesson takes place we are subjected to an audio of a very simple mind trick I remember reading in The Beano about twenty years ago - still, it impressed the crowd tonight and the Doug's trainee was then let loose and all her predictions were (predictably) perfect. Just ten minutes before this little scenario the audience were on their feet in response to a staggering piece of predictive mind reading... It's all in the showmanship.Nonetheless, all tricks were enthralling, and with a little re-arrangement it could be a solid hours worth of very impressive, mind-bending trickery.Doug, who seems needlessly nervous, pays out a strong set and struggles manfully against distracting external noise, some appalling sight lines, a dodgy mic and a customer distractedly buying drinks within inches of the stage. Perhaps keeping the bar closed for the duration of the show would benefit the performance? A packed and sweaty audience were bewildered and enraptured by each increasingly baffling routine performed with an appealingly ironic deconstructionist commentary throughout.

The Blurb

BBC mind reader teaches audiences to detect lies, read minds and implant suggestions, with laughs and rakish charm. Hard science abused for tawdry entertainment. ‘Imagine a funny Derren Brown’ (Evening Standard).