Double Booked

Got teenage kids to keep amused in Edinburgh? Then get down to the Pleasance Courtyard to see Ruth Rich’'s one woman show, Double Booked, for the ideal start to a fab family day out at the Fringe.

Ruth has husband, a couple of teenagers, Laura and Freddie, still at school, and another, Ellie, just off to university. The life of a stay-at-home mum turns out to be much more complex than you might expect, what with an aging Gran, the other mums, Freddie’s pal at boarding school and a sexy English teacher to look out for. Ruth’'s storytelling starts off at a measured pace which builds to a hilarious Friday evening where the strands of the story come together.

This is warm, good-natured fun. Ruth brings you into her world, exposing the pressures, complexities and politics of family life, including what not to say at the book group, how to cope with monosyllabic boys and teenagers learning to drive, along with those difficult issues like just how much booze a 17 year old should be allowed to take to a party. Rich'’s rapport with the audience is excellent, and mums, dads, grandparents and children will all recognise the portrait of family life painted.

The Pleasance Cellar is cosy and intimate, and the simple staging works very well. Starting at lunchtime in the Pleasance, Rich’'s strong appealing characterisation and narrative will amuse and delight.


The Blurb

Ruth Rich, the Fringe's infamous 'sandwich generation' mother returns with an uproarious new show tackling tiresome teenagers, a bewildered granny and surgically enhanced friend. 'Bridget Jones meets 'Outnumbered' in this funny and sharply written family comedy' (BBC).