Sh!t Theatre are excited to present their ‘mainstream crossover’ hit following their 2016 show Letters to Windsor House that earned them a Fringe First. This year their show is not about the housing crisis but about their hero Dolly Parton. If you are looking for a tribute show solely based on the life of Dolly Parton you will not find it here as this show spirals off in a number of wacky and wonderful directions, from Dolly the cloned sheep to decaying corpses in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This piece celebrates being secure in yourself in a fun and thought provoking way.

Using multimedia, song, storytelling and mime Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit enthusiastically tell the audience about their experience of visiting Dollywood to learn more about their hero. The face paint and wig sporting pair deliver a slick, energetic and comedic performance. There are many laugh out loud moments in this show and witty ironic messages, a poignant one being them cutting holes in their t-shirts revealing their breasts. This plants the seed for the underlying feminist tone to this show. There are many interviews with Dolly Parton played throughout this piece that show her solely being asked about her appearance and not about her incredible philanthropy and outstanding musical achievements. This clever use of costume serves as a reminder of how young female performers can be viewed despite their individual talent, wit and intelligence.

There are a number of hilarious songs in this show including one of Dolly’s hits sung in sheep language, a call back song where Dolly is being interviewed and they provide sassy answers for her through song and ‘I will always love you’ in accompaniment to a rollercoaster ride displayed on screen. There is also such a wonderful chemistry and friendship between Mothersole and Biscuit and their support of each other throughout the performance is infectious.

This show is what the Fringe is all about, a platform for new, edgy and original theatre. This piece celebrates being secure in yourself in a fun and thought provoking way. I left the theatre feeling energised and with a huge smile on my face. A must see show.

Reviews by Lynn Rusk

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The Blurb

Oh look, 2016 Fringe First winners Sh!t Theatre again. What is it this time? Oh, is it unemployment? Is there a crisis? Did the government do something wrong again? No, it’s a show about Dolly Parton. We f*cking love her. Following the award-winning sell-out Letters to Windsor House, Sh!t Theatre's Becca and Louise return in a bold new show. Fringe First winners. Total Theatre Award winners. Arches Brick Award winners. Amnesty International Award nominees. 'Clever, hilarious and thoughtful' **** (Scotsman). 'Pertinent social theatre' **** (Guardian). 'Imbued with wit and heart' **** (Times). 'Brave and bruising' **** (Stage).