Do We Need You After The Apocalypse? The Game Show

Society has crumbled, zombies are on the loose - what do you do next? A) Search for food, B) try to find other people or C) go see some bad comedians late at night with an underwritten show that depends primarily on the drunkenness of the audience for it to have any effect at all. If your final answer is C then Do We Need You After the Apocalypse? The Game Show is unmissable. If your answer (final or otherwise) is not C then congratulations! You’ve won the top prize of missing the utterly missable.

Jarred Christmas and Tom Davis are the two presenters of The Game Show and between them they have about as much chemistry as a broken Bunsen burner. There was no sense of a comedy duo working in sync here, but rather two separate comedians attacking the punters with lame attempts at audience interaction strung out with an ill-conceived premise. Christmas admittedly had his moments. An early Jimmy Carr parody, using his trademark bounce after a joke, was funny. However, Christmas then pushed this too far, tacking it onto the end of jokes which in and of themselves were completely unfunny, just to get an easy laugh. Davis though lacked even these few moments. He seemed stiff and stale, with nothing interesting or hilarious to say throughout the show.

The saving grace of the show was its reliance upon the audience. Clearly finding the writing of actual jokes too difficult, Christmas and Davis opted instead to just talk to drunk people and see what would happen. This turned out to be something of a Pyrrhic victory as it soon became apparent that these drunks were genuinely a lot funnier than the comedians themselves.

If this is what the apocalypse looks like then it’s a lot bleaker than I thought.

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Are you a survivor? Can you learn to make a fire from a broken chair and some hope? It's the end of the world and there are prizes!