Dive and Summerhall Present... C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

Sometime in between Jak Soroka cracking eggs on her naked body and Sam Reynolds dry humping someone in the audience, you realise nights at Dive’s C U Next Tuesday cabaret can get pretty wild.

There’s a real electric energy to this show. A wild, crazy and freaky energy

The Dissection Room at Summerhall is jam-packed with the most brilliantly stylised of the LGBT community: leather-clad, colourful frocks, the best drag and long before the show begins the atmosphere in the jam packed venue is buzzing. This could be Brighton Pride in here. Then lights out and boom! There’s Miss Annabel Sings, C U Next Tuesday’s electric host, up on a balcony in shades and a gown fit for gospel, proclaiming the word of love and acceptance like an Evangelical minister of a love cult. There’s a real electric energy to this show. A wild, crazy and freaky energy.

In a lot of ways, C U Next Tuesday might be one of the best shows to really capture what Fringe is about. The radical, the alternative, the ‘fuck you’ of convention, the freedom of expression. We’re all different and we all fucking love each other is the message of a night with Dive. Love yourself or how else can you love anyone else, is the message from Desiree Burch, on her Soap Box, the third and very strong act in a long and varied line up that changes each week. Desiree is great, it’s like being vocally cleansed of bullshit listening to her. (You can catch her show, This is Evolution on Bob’s BlundaBus). Each of the acts are wild and prove a fantastic showcase and wonderful appetizer of all the weird and wonderful things you can catch at the Fringe.

Other highlights of this particular show included Duo Bogof’s magic disappearing camera show; a hilarious and brilliantly clever act of timing and tricks of the lens. And finally, the fantastically dry and appropriately filthy David Mills with an utterly cracking stand-up.

So if you like your nights to get a little crazy, if you like the alternative and you like to get a little filthy, clear your diary Tuesday night and go and get naughty at Dive’s C U Next Tuesday.

Reviews by Dave House

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The Blurb

Edinburgh’s finest purveyors of weirdo cabaret and decadent performance parties get a Summerhall Fringe residency. Cherry-picking the queerest pick and mix of the Fringe! Live performance, music, spoken word, circus and all the madness the Fringe has to offer every Tuesday night. C U Next Tuesday! ‘Just the kind of thing a fringe festival worth the name should be trafficking in’ **** (Scotsman). ‘Close to that old cabaret scuzz, a seat-of-the-pants venue, an audience ready to shout, sweat and snog in rowdy tension with 20-odd local and visiting acts’ (NotTelevision.net).