Dive and Summerhall Present… C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

This show is wondrously delightful. The host, the magnificent Miss Annabel Sings, entertains throughout with song, jokes and even a little dancing. She maintains the mood of the show brilliantly, ensuring that her audience feels fully welcomed, and appropriately riled up for every act she introduces.

The show ends with the unveiling of a previously hidden bar space as the Cabaret transforms into a party complete with a DJ, so come prepared.

This show is touted as the queerest pick’n’mix of the Fringe, and it certainly lives up to the hype. The stage is aptly decorated with a massive rainbow, and an array of delightfully pink flamingos. This cabaret brings everything Miss Sings promises: the acts are diverse and entirely entertaining. Each of the cabarets presented by Dive and Summerhall offers a different selection of acts, so every show is unique.

This particular cabaret kicked off with the fantastically aloof drag queen Alice Rabbit, who entered wearing a classic figure-hugging LBD and skyscraper heels, with fabulously immaculate hair and make-up. Her act is in equal parts alarming, entertaining and exciting. Her choreography is excellent, her performance electric.

Another notable act was Desiree Burch, a guest performer, who is also starring in her own show at the Fringe, Tar Baby. She showcases her act 52 Man Pick Up. This is a fabulously naughty performance, as behind every card in the deck she carries is the name of a hook-up, whom she discusses in delicious detail. This act is tantalisingly too short, there are only so many cards that audience members can choose before Desiree’s time is up.

Worth a special mention is resident performer Skinny Redhead, whose rope act is incredible. Her performance was hauntingly beautiful and an excellent addition to the show. The set took a little time, but it was well worth it, as Miss Annabel Sings was in her element providing entertainment in the mean time.

Other acts included Supersonic, who had a lot of fun with one audience member in particular who just could not stop laughing, Frank Sinazi from the Iraq Pack, whose songs were as controversial as his name suggested, and Cybil Partnership, who gave a very energetic drag performance accompanied by a chorus of Grindr profiles.

The show ends with the unveiling of a previously hidden bar space as the Cabaret transforms into a party complete with a DJ, so come prepared. 

Reviews by Ailish George

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Edinburgh’s finest purveyors of weirdo cabaret and decadent performance parties get a Summerhall Fringe residency. The queerest pick and mix of the Fringe! Live performance, music, spoken word, comedy, live art and the occasional vogue ball. Cabaret every Tuesday plus a one-off Friday night party. C U Next Tuesday, love Dive. ‘Close to that old cabaret scuzz, a seat of the pants venue, an audience ready to shout, sweat and snog’ (NotTelevision.net). ‘Offbeat and innovative … Dive is in at number 78 in The List Top 100’ (List).