Disco yoga
  • Brighton Fringe

Disco Yoga is a brand new yoga class inspired by a new generation of 'mindful drinkers as well as those who simply want fitness to be fun and uplifting! Its for people who love to train hard and party hard, disco lovers, yoga aficionados and first timers looking for a new way to unwind and socialise! Our mission is to never take life, disco or yoga too seriously. Disco Yoga will get you moving, dancing, laughing, chatting and connecting. With love, light and laughter, get ready to groove your way through the week with Disco Yoga. No experience necessary, all levels welcome.1st Disco Yoga Class at 9.30am - 10.30am - Followed by a coffee or a smoothies Tickets at 13 Per Person 2nd Disco Yoga Class at 11.30am - 12.30pm- Followed by brunch Tickets at 35 per person (Includes 2 x cocktails per person and a brunch menu)