Demi Lardner: Look What You Made Me Do

Despite the title, it’s quite clear from this hour of absurdist comedy that nobody is making Australian cult comic star Demi Lardner do anything. If there is one comedian who succeeds without ever compromising her unique sense of humour, it’s Demi. This most recent show is just as bizarre, surreal and loosely structured as anything she has done in the past, but with the help of a guest star and more musical interludes, Look What You Made Me Do is a clear step forward in the career of Lardner, even if it is more proof than ever that she isn’t looking to win over casual audiences.

A varied and entertaining hour of comedy for anyone who is a fan of the incredibly unusual.

Look What You Made Me Do establishes a thin conceit of character comedy, as Lardner ostensibly plays a middle-aged man named Gavin. The fact that Gavin looks, sounds and acts exactly like Lardner is never hidden and instead the pretense of character is merely used to add another layer of absurdity and give the show a sliver of narrative to cling onto. Gavin has been locked in a basement and has to find a way out, though that way out ends up involving a horse divorce and singing about wanting to be a meatball.

Lardner could easily rest on her laurels and create an hour of pointless non-sequiturs and humour built on saying unusual things in an unusual manner. While there is the occasional scene where randomness replaces craft, for the most part this hour is as skilful as it is absurd and there is real humour underneath the weirdness. Assisted by the fact that Lardner is an intensely committed performer as well as a hugely talented physical comedian, Look What You Made Me Do ends up being a varied and entertaining hour of comedy for anyone who is a fan of the incredibly unusual.

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The Blurb

Gavin is 46 and is trapped in his basement. Is that a metaphor? You decide (it's not). Come see a 23-year-old act out her mid-life crisis under the guise of a shitty stepdad who builds luxury doghouses. As seen on Just For Laughs and heard on We Are Not Doctors podcast. Winner: Directors Choice Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017. Winner: Best Newcomer, Sydney Comedy Festival 2016. Winner: RAW, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013. Winner: So You Think You're Funny, Edinburgh Fringe 2013. Nominee: Best Newcomer, Melbourne. Winner: Underbelly Adelaide Award 2017.