Dead Famous

Imagine if Edgar Allan Poe and Marie Antoinette presented an hour of painfully terrible stand up, inviting guests to join them to plug their equally terrible shows, read poetry and generally annoy the meager audience. Now imagine two of the least talented, least funny people to ever tread the boards playing Poe and Antoinette and you have Dead Famous.

Thank God this show is free because no one in their right mind would ever pay to see it. This is the ramblings of a man with a terrible American accent, a boring voice and even worse jokes accompanied by the high pitched wittering of a co-host who can only be described as the most annoyingly grating woman on the planet.

The show kicks off with these two chatting to the audience about absolutely nothing, accompanied by no laughter whatsoever from the audience. Each day, they invite two guests to plug their own free fringe shows, most probably because even these two narcissists can’t fill a whole hour with their pointless babble.

The quality of the two guests will ultimately differ from evening to evening, but when introduced by Elise Harris and Paul Wady, it’s likely that they’ll not be amazing. They’d also have to be absolute stars to be able to drown out the constant jabber coming from Harris in the corner or to make up for the absolute horror that is the rest of this show. If I wanted to have shows plugged to me, I’d walk down the royal mile. Guests to Dead Famous will only be there to desperately try and get you to their shows, so if you’d rather not be tortured with that experience – steer clear.

This show is completely and utterly pointless, devoid of any and all talent and a bore to sit through. You would have to pay me a lot of money to make me go back and watch it again. Their inane twaddle will leave you desperate to join Harris and Wady’s characters in the silence of the grave.

Reviews by Troy Holmes

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The Blurb

Fame! Notoriety! Death! Join Edgar Allan Poe, Cleopatra and many more historical figures as they host celebrity chat and a variety show from beyond the grave. The séance where no one needs to knock twice.