Dead Drunk Detective: Live in the Rotten Flesh
  • West End

If you like murder mysteries and rapid-fire puns, then youll love Dead Drunk Detective: Live in the Rotten Flesh. See the second series of zombie-comedy- noir podcast Dead Drunk Detective be recorded and hear brand new instalments before anyone else. Each live recording session includes up to four episodes, plus stand-up comedy sets from from up-and-coming London talent fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe.

This podcast serial features the most unlikely of private detectives. How unlikely? Hes a drunk zombie and his name is Johnny Stumbles. And with the help of his long-suffering assistant Betty, hell get to the bottom of every case - and bottle. Join him as he solves mysteries in the land of the undead where the criminals are literally monsters.

Starring Arfie Mansfield as alcoholic zombie sleuth Johnny Stumbles and Kate Oswald as sarcastic secretary Betty, with Leanna Wigginton as Melissa, his human sister. Old friends and new enemies will be brought to life by top talent from the London improv comedy scene.

Dead Drunk Detective is written by Brendan Way and produced by Podcast Adventures, a London-based audio network creating podcast titles in collaboration with writers and performers across the UK. Series one is currently available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and from and Season 2 will be released throughout October 2017.

Tickets for the Live recordings on 8th and 28th of September at the Leicester Square Theatre. Booking fees apply.

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