Dazzle Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition and Paul Furneaux Japanese Woodcut Prints

The centrally-located art gallery, Dovecot Studios, has provided a lovely break from the madness of fringe with its current offering of exhibitions. In addition to the contemporary jewellery and woodcuts, there are other works of art on display, most notably the pieces from the Australian Tapestry Workshop on display in Dovecot’s own beautiful weaving studio. It’s a cheerful, carefully arranged space filled with colour and is well worth a visit.

In all the August madness, it’s easy to forget about places like this, but it’s not advisable.

The Dazzle exhibition features jewellery from emerging young artists. It’s all for sale and the gallery’s visitors are encouraged to buy on the spot if they wish. It’s refreshing to see an exhibit that so clearly wants to support young artists. There are some beautifully delicate pieces of metalworking and some excellently chunky beaded and leatherwork pieces. Upstairs in the balcony, one can admire the incredibly colourful tapestry works on loan from Australia. Many of them are inspired by indigenous artwork and feature patterns that almost vibrate with intensity. It’s almost enough to warm up a dreary, rainy Edinburgh afternoon. While strolling the balcony, one can look down on Dovecot’s tapestry workshop, where massive rolls of coloured silk thread sit next to gigantic looms built for weaving wall-sized hangings. There’s also information available on an upcoming exhibition of tapestries inspired by Beatles lyrics, something I’ll definitely be back for.

Dovecot Studios is a well-run gallery and their fringe offerings are all top-notch. There’s also a cosy café and the coffee smelled delicious. In all the August madness, it’s easy to forget about places like this, but it’s not advisable. 

Reviews by Lauren Moreau


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The Blurb

Dazzle returns for its 33rd year at the Festival to this beautiful venue with its superb Stag Coffee Shop. An excellent place for a delicious snack or just the best coffee in Edinburgh - this is where the art crowd hang out. Fifty contemporary jewellers including a number of new designers, 3,000 contemporary pieces, all for sale, and the prints of leading Edinburgh artist Paul Furneaux. Dazzle has a worldwide reputation for showing the most exciting jewellery from all continents. Free admission. www.lovedazzle.com.