David Tsonos: Walking the Cat

You’d imagine that it’s quite difficult to write an hour of stand up about owning a cat, and apparently it is, because about half way through David Tsonos' Walking the Cat he promptly changes topics. Cats are not the driving force of the show but rather a lazy crutch to lean on for some cheap laughs.

David is competent and knows how to construct a solid gag.

The internet is proof that, for whatever reason, people love cats. At the beginning of the show, David asks the audience how they found out about it and almost everyone was there because they had been flyered and liked cats. So, at the very least he knows how to get his audience in – and for what it’s worth, many seemed to really enjoy themselves. But I’m afraid people ambivalent to cats won’t find a lot to enjoy.

David is competent and knows how to construct a solid if not inspired gag. Before most punchlines he usually pauses to smile and give a little giggle to himself – this means you’ve got a lot of time to figure out what’s going to be said next. There are a few good gags in the set but most of its just tepid observation material on topics that have been covered at length.

He certainly knows how to work his audience – by parading a series of pictures of cats when the show feels like it's flagging. Some audiences will lap it up, but others will be left wanting actual jokes.

Reviews by James W. Woe

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The Blurb

Following a bad break-up (although is there ever a good break-up?), David somehow gained custody of the cat, Mittens. David has never been a pet owner and more of a dog person, and yet David takes you through his hilarious adventures of 16 years of his cat ownership. Everything from veterinarian visits, personal grooming, getting on a flight, and finding a cat sitter. Blending his stand-up and storytelling, David will lead you on a journey of what it's truly like to be a cat owner, and all the comical occurrences that come with it.