David O'Doherty: Somewhere Over the David O'Doherty
  • By Beth Kahn
  • |
  • 14th Aug 2010
  • |
  • ★★★★★

David O’Doherty has been going from strength to strength since winning the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2008, and this show is a total delight. He finds comic potential in an unlikely assortment of topics, from the poignant duet with Shakira that opens the show, to an extended bike repair consultation with the audience, to the closing ‘anthem’ about human failings: We Are Not The Champions. Accompanied by his trademark tiny Casio keyboard, O’Doherty’s stories and observations are unceasingly entertaining, and his goofy charisma creates comedy from even the most mundane observations. He is comfortable enough in front of this happy, packed-out crowd to roll around on stage and deliver anecdotes while lying flat on his back, and we hang onto every word as he tells us about the perils of train travel in the quiet carriage, or the time he caught fire in a pub. He warns us that there will be lulls among the lols, but these are rare, and swiftly dispersed with some brilliant ‘facts’ about pandas (did you know that a blind-folded panda will always head north, due to their high iron content?) As O’Doherty says, do you enjoy enjoyment? If so, you’ll love this.

The Blurb

The 2008 if.com (formerly Perrier) Award-winner returns with a tiny keyboard and a new show. Uplifting! Hilarious! Surprising! Profound! Really stupid! At the very least, it will be some of these things.