David Morgan: Triple Threat

The man looks like a comedian. He sounds like a comedian. He even comports himself just like a comedian. There’s just one intractable problem that prevents Morgan from being the comedian be aspires to be: he’s not very funny. He’s not awful or anything. He’s not cringeworthy. He doesn’t disgrace himself, but neither does he make you laugh. As you can appreciate, this presents quite a serious obstacle, given the nature of his work.David Morgan would like to entertain you. He’s cheerful and has a comic quiff and thick-rimmed glasses. He’s also as camp as they come. By rights, he should be great. Then he opens his mouth and the illusion is shattered. You know those people whose mates beg them to go on X-Factor because their voice is so angelic? Then they attempt to sing, and you’re forced to endure the excruciating spectacle of them embarrassing themselves in front of ten million people? Exchange ‘singing’ for ‘comedy’, divide the audience by one million and you’ve got David Morgan. It’s as if his mates have urged him ‘You’re gay with funny hair. You’ve got a theatrical background. Why don’t you become a comedian?’At times, he’s mildly funny. If that sounds like praise of sorts, try calling your partner ‘mildly attractive’ and see what kind of reaction you get. It was only a few hours ago I witnessed his show, and yet I’m struggling to recall any of the jokes from it. There was one actually, involving his Polaroid collection of men he’s named Clive, but the poor delivery ruined it. I shan’t ruin it again by attempting to replicate that feat.The name of Morgan’s show - Triple Threat - refers to a performer who is equally adroit at singing, acting and dancing. After tiring of forever playing second fiddle to the main lead at drama school, David Morgan switched to comedy. The genre might have changed, but the end result is the same. It’s a shame really. He’s charismatic, he’s fun, and he’d probably be great fun to go on a night out with. He’s not a comedian though, by any stretch of the imagination. A generous two stars.

The Blurb

Debut show about being awesome at being gay, musical theatre, homophobes, dyslexic football and jazz hands. Best New Show Nominee, Leicester Comedy Festival 2011. **** (ThreeWeeks), **** (Hairline.org.uk). 'Funny, with a capital F' (Attitude).