David Elms: Mister Boy

David Elms brings his muted comedic style in the form of musical vignettes. There's a reason so many reviewers have called 'mild-mannered': he's by far the nicest stand up I've seen on the circuit. He wins over the audience with his gentle charm.

Elms is the comedic equivalent of having a big mug of tea on a rainy day: warming and worth it.

Elms has a brilliant sense of energy, low key yet utterly compelling. His musical talent is complemented by witty lyrics, with Mystery to Me proving to be a crowd favourite. Whilst the lyrics are simple, the jokes land exactly on point and it's a catchy tune which stayed with me for the rest of the evening. I only wish there were more songs in the set, as this is where Elms excels. They're thoughtful whilst pushing slightly less beautiful aspects of love and family life, and a highlight of Elms' work.

The show takes on a personal tone, with Elms conflicted as to whether he can really discuss newlywed life whilst also leaving moments with his wife in privacy. Calling upon members of the audience to help, Elms demonstrates the origin of strange phrases and particular memories from his personal life, painting a picture of everyday activity whilst injecting heart and whimsy into the proceedings.

Elms can come across as a little muted and perhaps this style might not appeal to everyone. However, there's a mischievous side to the mild-mannered man reported on so frequently, and it comes to play when he invites audience members to join in with musical numbers. The recurring jokes within the set work nicely without being too overwrought and the conclusion of the piece nicely wraps up segments of the show with a big dose of syrupy sweetness. Utterly endearing by the end of the set, Elms is the comedic equivalent of having a big mug of tea on a rainy day: warming and worth it.

Reviews by Louise Jones

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The Blurb

Lucky pup Elms is back with a show that seems to be about marriage and adulthood, but actually it's about compromise and then at the end you find out it's all been about love. Musical Comedy Awards winner 2014, Chortle Awards finalist 2012, Mr Goldsworth in smash-hit show Dracula, Mr Swallow. 'Beautiful, funny, clever and utterly engaging' **** (Scotsman). 'Offers something that feels entirely new' (Guardian). 'Winning combination of linguistic sharpness and charming meta-silliness' **** (List). 'Original, intelligent and madcap' **** (WhatsOnStage.com). 'Staking out his own comedy territory' (Guardian). 'Intelligently comic and joyously silly' **** (BroadwayBaby.com).