Dave Griffiths: C U in Court

C U In Court is a remarkable tale of Dave Griffiths' battle against the giant corporation of French Connection. His t-shirt design of CNUT was a supposed infringement on French Connection's FCUK design. With many twists and turns, the story incorporates countless companies from around the world as well as court proceedings and a little bit of trademark law DIY. Rightly described as a real-life David vs. Goliath story, it is one that will certainly keep you engaged throughout.

The whole audience is always on Griffiths' side, adoring the pesky underdog fighting the huge corporation.

The presentation takes the form of a narrative arc, beginning from his childhood and onto the conclusion of the battle. He uses visual aids to help substantiate the story, with relevant slides that included letters, quotations and images. But he also, cleverly, had the actual t-shirts that were such a central part to his story which really helped to validate the occurrences as a true story. Each slide and t-shirt showed the story being amplified yet further and taking another, more surprising twist. Undoubtedly the most entertaining part was his recording of one his conversations with a receptionist to get through to the relevant person regarding trademark law; the attempted explanation from Griffiths as to the reason why he needed to speak to someone in the law department led to the pair of them being reduced to laughing fits.

The whole audience is always on Griffiths' side, adoring the pesky underdog fighting the huge corporation. It felt particularly relevant in a world where corporate giants have more and more influence and power. There was much admiration for someone standing up for themselves when they are in the right and combatting hypocrisy.

It was well presented and never boring, whilst any important trademark law is explained to us. The one slight drawback I had was that, regardless of the heroic defiance displayed by Griffiths, it was all over a t-shirt design. But do go along to this show as you’ll be taken on a thoroughly entertaining journey.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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The Blurb

The extraordinary true story of how award-winning comedian Dave Griffiths obsessively fought the clothing giant French Connection for his right to wear his CNUT t-shirts on stage. An incredible David v Goliath story exposing the unbelievable hypocrisy of huge corporations. The hit show from 2013 returns for a limited run. Now being made into a feature length documentary. 'One of the best shows I’ve seen…you need to see it’ **** (The Comedy Reviewer) ‘This true David v Goliath story is remarkable’ (Time Out) 'Hilarious' (ThreeWeeks). Winner of ITV's Take the Mike. www.kingcnut.com