Dave Benson Phillips: Christ, I Thought He Was Dead!

Dave Benson Phillips used to be on children’s TV all the time. Most of us remember him from the classic show Get Your Own Back where kids could get to gunge their parents or teachers. His career was going extremely well until internet trolls proclaimed he had died. To further the trolling, they pretended to be his agent and got his shows and appearances cancelled because he was dead.

Benson Phillips is very much alive and still a great entertainer for both children and adults.

Dave Benson Phillips wasn’t dead, but everyone thought he was. He even called Chris Moyles to get on Radio 1 to prove he was alive, but was told "Don't be so sick. You are pretending to be him. Dave Benson Phillips is dead".

Christ, I Thought He Was Dead is a one man show written and performed by not-dead Benson Phillips. It's about how his showbiz career was almost ruined by internet trolling. He tells his journey via PowerPoint and props. From his first performance as a boy with a rubber chicken, to getting on TV then becoming friends with Johnny Depp.

When the effects of internet trolling comes up things become very dark – the mood changes and you realise how someones livelihood can be ruined by cruel insensitive people. However Benson Phillips still gets everyone to laugh again, especially when a bucket of gunge was brought out.

Throughout the show Benson Phillips shared his showbiz anecdotes in a way that made it comfortable for us to ask questions, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. So I’m pleased to report that Dave Benson Phillips is very much alive and still a great entertainer for both children and adults.

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The Blurb

Do you remember Dave Benson Phillips? If you were a child in Britain from the 80s to the early 00s, there’s a fair chance you watched him on TV... 'Playdays', 'Playhouse Disney', 'Fun Song Factory', 'Get Your Own Back!' to name but a few! He was all over children’s TV... then suddenly, he wasn’t. An internet death hoax that worked a little too well halted Dave’s career. Now starring in his brand-new show which is part cabaret, part Q&A, some children’s songs, some audience participation, and possibly some gunge... *(If Dave does die before you see this show then it will be cancelled!)