Dare I Say It?

If you dare Prohibited Jargon to say it, then they will and they’ll hold no punches. Within seconds of being on stage legs were splayed and we went straight into labour and in thirty minutes flat we had gone full circle.

This all female - and very fresh faced - company take you on a sign-posted tour of life, from birth to your first experience of death, using the concepts of verbatim theatre - but they’ll take you at breakneck speed. This company is stuffed with very raw talent and a couple of very gifted comediennes with a firm grasp of physical theatre.

When it came down to it, however, these four young women, intent on making their mark on the theatre world, could have actually been more daring in terms of content. Women navigating their way around, well, men, is nothing new to any female sat in the audience. The company did play both male and female roles so it wasn’t only about hearing a female voice. Prohibited Jargon were funny and totally absorbing from the moment their water broke and we all went into labour. I just want them to talk about more than what women’s magazines deem to be important, and I’m sure that they will.

Prohibited Jargon are an exciting company; I’d see them again in a minute. Talking about first times is a little bit tired but this is, after all, their first time at the Fringe and by their second time, they’ll really have something to say.

The Blurb

Prohibited Jargon give a new flavour to verbatim theatre. Through words of others, a female cast tackle the taboo yet remarkably relatable topic: First Times. If you leave without thinking ‘that’s me!’ - you’re in denial.