Danny Ward – Infra Dig

Infra Dig, which we learn is Latin for “beneath your dignity”, is a show about dignity but also pride and respect. The catalyst for writing a show on these themes came to be when Danny Ward hurt his back.

Infra Dig is a mildly engaging hour and though not consistent, there is some great comedy in the narrative.

The show is made up of Ward sharing anecdotes where he ends up in awkward positions potentially beneath his dignity. Over the course of the hour he also brings up some interesting thoughts and suggestions about things most of us can relate to, like online dating and eating unhealthily.

His inquisitive nature and proclivity to over-analyze everything finds Ward in some very comical scenarios. Naturally the inspiration for this show - his bad back - gets regular mentions and these alone are quite entertaining in itself. He is also an extreme domestic clean freak and he talks about this over-the-top meticulous house pride to humorous effect.

Ward’s material definitely has a substantial underlying comedic backbone with some genuinely really funny moments peppered in his stories. The drawback however is in his delivery which tends to be quite long drawn out. His roundabout and extremely detailed style of storytelling is well done and I like that it does all come together at the end but it does require you to follow his train of thought constantly in order to fully appreciate the stories being told.

Infra Dig is a mildly engaging hour and though not consistent, there is some great comedy in the narrative. Ward is slightly neurotic so probably not for everybody but if you like the idea of elaborate, rambling stories about a man questioning his dignity in various situations, you will enjoy this one.

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

The follow-up to award-winning show Pressure Point and this time Danny's on the up, he's escaped living in Auntie Annie's conservatory, upgraded the T-reg Polo and even bought some red trousers. Join him on his quest to solve an epic identity crisis whilst battling to escape the bottom rung. Winner of the 2013 Amused Moose Laughter Awards People's Choice and Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2013 nominee. ‘Slick, quick and packed with funny material’ (ThreeWeeks). ‘Observational gags coming thick and fast’ (Leicester Mercury). ‘This is top quality stand-up!’ **** (ThreeWeeks).