Danny Bevins: Infectious Waste

Danny Bevins is not a gentle comedian. In his introduction he makes it clear that there are people who like his show and people who don’t. Those who don’t like the show are idiots; I guess it’s lucky I enjoyed the show then. The American comedian considers few topics taboo and is happy to discuss them all.The material ranges from dissatisfaction at Edinburgh’s weather to why people in suits are ruining the world. Bevins draws much inspiration from his family, particularly his grandparents. He proves definitively that, despite what parents claim, not everyone can grow up to be president. The comic didn’t allow the somewhat select audience to affect the energy put into the performance, keeping up the pace throughout. Though much of the material was initially entertaining, some was thoroughly flogged to death. The repetition of jokes that had clearly missed their mark drained the merriment from the audience. Though some may have been unprepared due to the nature of the show, I believe it may be due to Bevins inability to connect with his audience. If you are easily offended then you may want to avoid this show, but if you have slightly thicker skin you will find much to enjoy.

Reviews by Nicole Adam

The Blurb

Former soldier turned stand-up comedian (no, really!) brings his acclaimed show to Edinburgh. There’s no love without indifference, there is no humanity without litter. Disturbingly hilarious with no inhibitions, Bevins embraces the contradiction in ‘Infectious Waste’.