Dandy Darkly's Myth Mouth!

Louis CK is undoubtedly backstage in the Edinburgh Playhouse, prepping for his show while his audience stretches around the block. They’re not keen to move in fear of losing their place, so I have to fight my way through to the iconic gay bar, CC Bloom’s, which nestles under the historic theatre. It’s well worth the struggle because Dandy Darkly has returned to Edinburgh with another hour of satirical, surreal stories.

As each tale unfolds, Darkly alternates between wild gesticulation and delicate pois

As a storyteller, Darkly is a unique creature even if you disregard his garish makeup and spectacular sequined and shoulder-padded jumpsuit. His performance style is rhythmic, hypnotic and entrancing. The original underscore only adds to the experience and the audience quickly tunes into his sinister tales. But it’s not all dark; there’s a lot of levity in Darkly’s parables and many laughs are elicited from an enthused audience. As each tale unfolds, Darkly alternates between wild gesticulation and delicate poise. His frantic energy feeds the tone perfectly and his voice is alternately a cutting weapon and a tender embrace.

Rather than reveal the content of any of the twisted tales - in order to maintain the delight of hearing them for the first time - I’ll just say this year Dandy Darkly takes on the cult of celebrity, the art of storytelling and religion all with a retro-scifi twist. Each story segways easily into the next without needing to be hammered home, and the hour feels like it is over all too soon.

If you enjoy storytelling that goes beyond simple tales recited to entertain and want something a little more mythic then Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth! is the place to be. Go along, open your ears, tune into the sci-fi signal and let your life be a little more darkly.

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The Blurb

New York City's cult horror sensation returns with another all-new storytelling cabaret focused this year on religion, addiction and retro science fiction. Calling all poets, perverts, addicts and hackers. Crash land on Planet Dandy! ‘Sensational, supernatural gore. A cross between Pam Ayres, Liberace and Tales from the Crypt’ **** (Scotsman). ‘A decidedly wicked storyteller’ (New York Times). ‘Bizarre and irreverent. Incredible and mesmerizing’ **** (BroadwayBaby.com). ‘New York City's King of Halloween’ (Out). ‘Simply one of the most thoughtful, hilarious and harrowing queer talents at work today’ ***** (Scotsgay).