Dancing with the Inflatable Colonel

Dancing With The Inflatable Colonel is a one hour set shared by three comedians. All three have very different styles and makes for an interesting variety of comedy, almost as interesting as the title might suggest.

Dancing With The Inflatable Colonel will give you a bit of everything, you will not like it all, but there are elements which you might love.

They kick off the hour with Chris Joyce who is purely a musical comedian. He has a spectrum of songs that he plays on his keyboard and gets the audience involved as much as possible; whether he sings it to one of the young females or has everyone clapping along, Joyce will have you engaged whether you like it or not. He is a funny act with some original songs and clearly a talent for music, the favourite was when he verged on controversy by singing about a racist girlfriend. But it was a tasteful and witty arrangement on the whole.

The set then descended into the outright bizarre with the second act of James Lacy. Beginning with a couple of innocent feelers, it soon became clear that the set was almost entirely based around sex. This culminates in a very odd character, Gareth Baxter, who is not particularly funny and probably does not deserve the amount of stage time Lacy allotted him. The surrealist nature comes to a climax (no pun intended) as the character feeds his inflatable prostitute a banana. It had the audience either laughing from its utter ridiculousness or open-mouthed in disgust. Either way, it is a bold move and one that is likely not to be replicated anywhere else in the festival.

Adam Greene was left to pick up the pieces in a more standard approach to stand-up. His array of observations and narratives was a strong mix, whilst his delivery was sound. He had a likeable manner, accepting his weight, though perhaps using a trick that is thoroughly overused by overweight comedians by now. Yet there was a structure, some recurring themes and a relatively strong ending to the performance.

Dancing With The Inflatable Colonel will give you a bit of everything, you will not like it all, but there are elements which you might love. And if feeding bananas to blow-up dolls is your thing, it is just the ticket.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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The Blurb

Adam Greene 'highly amusing and very endearing' (MissJonespa.com), Chris Joyce 'funniest music act we've seen in a long time' (SlapandGiggle.co.uk) and James Lacy 'very funny guy' (John Kearns), present an exciting mixed comedy offering for your afternoon's entertainment! Showcasing some of the very best from the London circuit - as well as material from their own sets, expect a special daily guest, songs, sketches and audience games. A veritable smorgasbord of top notch comedy...