Dance-Forms 74th International Choreographers' Showcase
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Dance-Forms Productions is celebrating 16 years of brilliant performances at the Fringe, presenting the cream of the crop of postmodern creations. Performances include: Oh Acis by acclaimed choreographer Douglas Dunn; the world premiere of Ken Ludden's Supreme from N:Roi with Miami City Ballet star Rainer Krenstetter and principal dancer Breno Bittencourt; original musical composition by Australian composer David Pyke; Susana B. Williams' 'Angel' with Brandon Lawrence, Birmingham Royal Ballet's leading dancer, and award-winning choreographers: Kathie Diehl, Jo Frederiksen, Roxanna Lewis, Marissa Nick, Hannah Myers, Romina Nuez, Leanne Rinelli, Shelley Siller, and Jin-Wen Yu.