C'tait la Nuit

Sebastian was born in Paris, but raised by his adopted parents in the mountains of Tennessee. C'tait La Nuit is the coming of age story of a young man trying to find his true self in the heart of bohemian Paris.

A fun, family friendly production, but it does not stand out as a theatrical masterpiece.

It is safe to say that this production will have something for the whole family. Despite the small cast, the stage always feels busy and colourful, with vibrant costumes that are clear and comical. The visual quality is certainly there, with props being used in imaginative and ingenious ways - particularly enjoyable is the umbrella aeroplane! A lovely musical accompaniment is supplied by an accordion that really helps transport the show onto the Parisian streets. All of the sights and sounds easily make an interesting theatrical experience.

All of the characters are stereotypes which, for the most part, are hilarious. The character of Rene the head waiter (Rob Glauz) is the epitome of a stuck up Parisian waiter, and with a simple snort he can have us in hysterics. However, at times I can't help but feel that some of these French stereotypes may have crossed a line and come rather close to being offensive. A particular scene involving French characters discussing how unbelievable it is to think that people can live without drinking wine almost pushes the stereotypical humour into the realms of risqué material that really has to be questioned in a family show.

The show has a pleasant story that is very easy to follow amid the fast-paced action, and the comical effect is consistent throughout, even though it does depend too heavily on stereotypes at times. It is a fun, family friendly production, but it does not stand out as a theatrical masterpiece.

Reviews by Alex Hargreaves

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C'tait la Nuit




The Blurb

C’tait la Nuit is a delightful, Parisian tale. This avant-garde piece will feature six actors playing multiple roles, taking us on a whimsical journey from the mountains of Tennessee to the streets of Paris. The story follows Sebastián, a young man searching for his birth parents: a cabaret singer and a poet. Journey with us as he discovers his true Bohemian roots in this family show that is sure to please both young and old alike.