Creative Solutions for Creative Careers

As part of Fringe Central’s Young Voices: Fresh Perspective programme, the Scottish Drama Training Network presented Creative Solutions for Creative Careers. Young arts creators were invited to the free hour long event to discuss the difficulties facing them as they enter the industry.

An inspiring and enthusiastic session filled with optimistic energy, creativity and collaboration.

Facilitated by the charismatic Briana Pegado, the session presents a panel of varying theatre makers as they provide the room with provocations for what is difficult about the industry. The panel is made up of Nicole McManus, Clara Bloomfield, David Greig and Jack Elvey – respectively a drama student, Theatre Maker and Director, Artistic Director of the Lyceum and drama school graduate. All the speakers were confident, entertaining and bring up some valid and understandable issues. The mixture of speakers provides enables the audience made up by theatre students the chance to relate to someone in their position but also to gain advice from professionals who have more experience within the industry.

Creative arts is a very difficult industry to enter into currently due to large financial costs, a lack of experience meaning you cannot gain experience, poor communication with performing in Scotland outwith the central belt and the issue of there being limited work but with a high volume of competition. There is an acknowledgement that of course, it is difficult. However, more could be done on the industry’s side to try and support new talent coming in. The students are encouraged to work hard, and to be entrepreneurial, resilient and courageous. But do themselves suggest many of their own solutions to the difficulties they face.

The session then split into discussion groups where each selection of participants were given one of the most common problems for young theatre makers today and had to come to a practical solution by which these barriers could be overcome. As a result of some of the panellists going over time, they weren’t able to fit in a Q&A session as planned and the discussions felt a little bit rushed but it provided the adrenalin for some quick thinking and it was amazing to see how soon the ideas could be flowing. The solutions as devised in this session were then created into a manifesto that is to be developed and distributed following the event, in the hopes that more young creators will benefit from the suggestions and perhaps the industry will embrace these ideas to enable a greater endorsement of young people.

An inspiring and enthusiastic session filled with optimistic energy, creativity and collaboration. It was very exciting to see the participants networking, discussing and learning. A great event for young people to share their ideas and make their voices heard. 

Reviews by Katie Daniel

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Part of the Fringe Central Events Programme, for Fringe participants. What are some of the barriers and challenges facing young theatre makers today? What are the new perspectives and creative solutions to these issues? Join us for a discussion examining the realities of accessing the Fringe and getting started in a creative career, from the point of view of a panel of young theatre makers. Join us for a drink and a chance to network after the event.