Craig Hill - Jock's Trap!

Hill’s show is very much one of a comedian totally comfortable with his surroundings and happy enough to coast on what he does best, insulting his audience. That may sound a little harsh though, as Hill very much connects with his audience with friendly banter before ripping them apart and he also pokes fun at his own misgivings. He’s a thoroughly likeable cheeky chap who bursts onto the stage in a thunderous dance routine to Madonna’s latest tunes dressed in a leather kilt. There’s certainly no question as to which camp the man’s sexuality may lie and he thrusts it to the forefront of his stint. This is much to the benefit of the show as his bitchy queen routine is what drives the performance.

Meanwhile, feel sorry for the poor scamps who unwittingly walk aimlessly into the spider’s web by either entering the show late, sitting in the front two rows, leaving to go to the toilet or attempting to heckle . Hill’s clearly been doing this type of character assassination for some time and he seems to have an endless amount of hilarious put-downs that he can chuck out within a blink of an eye. Hill’s trick is he instantly gets the rest of the audience in on the joke before the poor victim is annihilated. However, he always keeps things in good humour and the twinkle in his eye seduces more audience members to submit to being made a fool of under the impression that they are becoming co-conspirators in the overall structure of the show.

It’s an unashamedly fun hour of nothing more than cheeky rapport with his audience. It’s unfortunate that Hill doesn’t really knock it up a notch towards the end as it does become a case of hearing yet another put-down aimed at a particular area of Scotland, depending on his latest victim. Whilst I was waiting for Hill to reach fifth gear, he seems happy enough to finish it where he started off. Hill’s completely improvised performance will no doubt really rest on the characters he discovers within his audience any given night. Whilst Hill remains a good spirited, sprightly and naughty host it’s quite clear that with this show we’re only being given a fleeting glance of what the comedian is capable of. Still, leaving wanting more is an outcome all comedians aim for from their audience and after his outrageously fun performance, Hill will no doubt be gloriously successful.

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Indulge yourself in a deliciously wicked evening of gloriously camp no-holds-barred comedy and pure, unadulterated fun. 'Funny as hell' (Scotland on Sunday). 'Wickedly subversive... Funny, charming and charismatic' (Metro). 'Absolutely hilarious' (Evening News). Sell-out 2002-2011!