Cosmic Fear or The Day Brad Pitt Got Paranoia

This is a bold and ambitious production, brought to life by three very talented young actors: Sam Ducane, Jack Gordon, and Jessica Sian. This play is an intense, schizophrenic experience. At its best moments, Cosmic Fear manages to be both sublime and terrifying. During these moments, all the actors are in sync – leaping back and forth across the stage with incredible energy and expressive force. Some of these more experimental moments come off brilliantly, with staging that feels similar to something you’d see out of contemporary dance. It is a true departure from traditional theatre, and more often than not, this produced phenomenal results.

The production is compelling and features some gorgeous acting from everyone involved.

Still, there are a few moments that don’t quite come off, and that – in comparison to the better scenes in the production – feel a bit scattershot and out of control. Thankfully, these overcrowded, hyperactive scenes are few and far between, and the actors always manage to reel it back, settling down after moments of extreme emotion. It is complete madness, and then bland quotidian dullness. The feeling is like reaching the end of a wild concert, and the stage lights come back on. It’s electric, leaving the audience in stunned silence.

The cast should tune their dynamics a little bit better, though. Some of the scenes of madness seem a little bit too loud and not quite believable. Furthermore, at times it is unclear what was happening, and the momentary absences of plot leave some less compelling moments exposed. At other times, the tone is unclear. This make it in-obvious whether the actors are trying to make a serious point, or be silly and ironic. Certainly, there are moments that are supposed to be funny, but some seem like they are supposed to be serious, where the action going on onstage is so ridiculous that the reality constructed doesn’t seem genuine.

Cosmic Fear is definitely worth seeing. The production is compelling and features some gorgeous acting from everyone involved. In addition, the play contains a thoughtful message and a moving resolution. If you’re looking for a piece that is challenging, and will get you thinking long afterward about issues such as climate change, mental health, identity, and much more, you will enjoy what Cosmic Fear has to offer. 

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LA is filled with traffic jams under heavy smog, trees are drifting under floods in Bangladesh and in China incinerators are burning holes in the ozone layer. Brad fears the future. Brad is a man of action and he’s not here to entertain, but to make a difference. Brad embarks on the great universal love project: to save planet earth. Can the ultimate blockbuster be made to transform the consciousness of the entire world before it’s too late?