Comedy Death: True Horror Stories from the Circuit

It’s human nature that we tend to take more interest in people’s failures than their successes. This talk-show takes us behind the scenes of every comedian’s worst nightmare. Every show sees working comedians candidly share their most horrifying and cringe-worthy moments on stage. We all have our bad days at work, but it seems nothing can really beat a comedian’s bad day at the office.When you think of a bad comedy gig, the first thing that normally springs to mind is the comedian delivering bad jokes and consequently getting heckled, but we soon learn that there is so, so much more that is worse than being laughed at – or worse, no laughter at all – on stage. From awkward corporate gigs to an unplanned hostage situation, they bare all. One of our panelists shared how at one point she was taking payment by cake, which I thought was particularly sad but hilarious.

Our compere was Javier Jarquin and he did a great job as both host and interviewer. He was extremely pleasant and charming, striking the perfect balance between keeping the momentum of the show going and also more importantly not being intrusive, letting the guests tell their story. This must not have been easy, considering he is a performer himself.

Though not particularly side-splitting, the show is definitely an interesting and insightful look at what goes through a comedian’s mind during and after a comedy death. It will certainly renew your respect for what these professional comedians do and the tenacity that is needed to do it. Ironically, this show either lives or dies by its guests, so the entertainment value largely depends on this. However, I would certainly recommend it to any comedy fan who wants a bit of an alternative insider look.

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

Everyone has a bad day at the office. Join Javier Jarquin as he hosts comedians telling you about their worst gigs. Because really, who wants to hear the good stories anyway?