Comedians' Cinema Club

This improv show sees stand up Eric Lampaert direct a series of movies with a cast of Fringe comedians that changes daily - some of whom have never even seen the movie they are performing. The results are hilarious, sometimes manic and very loud.

All of the comedians brought very different styles to the stage so there was something for everyone.

On the day that I attended, the chosen movie was Inception. It’s a very complex film about dreams within dreams, but with a little guidance from the audience and Lampaert’s entertaining directing, the cast did very well. It was wonderfully farcical and they actually conveyed the story quite efficiently whilst adding lots of comedic twists.

As the plot progressed and got more complex, mayhem broke out and Lampaert himself got involved, handing the role of director to a member of the audience. The film was maybe a bit too complex a choice, but it was still good. All of the comedians brought very different styles to the stage so there was something for everyone. I can imagine that even if you haven’t seen the chosen movie it would be amusing.

Audience members are sometimes used as props and even as characters. During the performance of Inception, audience members were thrust into the roles of helicopters, aeroplanes and even main characters. Mid-air fight scenes took place, water was thrown and there was lots of falling over.The hilarity is added to by the ‘quote box’ - a box full of famous movie quotes which is turned to at random intervals throughout the performance. There are quotes from Rocky, Jaws, Dirty Dancing, The Wizard of Oz and Terminator to name a few. The comic timing of some of these was hilarious and often nonsensical. I would definitely go again and would like to see them perform something a little simpler and more familiar to the audience.

Reviews by Kayleigh Blair

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Comedians' Cinema Club




The Blurb

Unrehearsed but aware of the film, a cast of comedians changed daily, except for ‘uniquely talented stand-up and expert improviser’ (GQ) Eric Lampaert, **** (, Time Out, Daily Express and ThreeWeeks), have an hour to perform some of the most loved movies by being actors, directors and foley artists! (Disclaimer: audience members may have to become actors, extras and/or runners).