Colin Cloud: Dare

The Fringe is full of mind readers but Colin Cloud’s framing device of presenting his skills as deduction and manipulation creates a whole different feel.

I apologise for what seems like a terrible cliché, but you really should try to see him perform before he becomes a superstar.

It’s a sell-out crowd in Pleasance Grand and the majority seem already convinced from his first moments on stage that, even though this isn’t magic, his abilities transcend normal human reach. Of course, I won’t be revealing anything about the actual content of the show but be assured that the jaw-dropping revelations will have you asking how he does it and you’ll leave suspecting that he’s tapping into some supernatural shenanigans. Cloud also continues his penchant for creating somewhat dangerous seeming situations that can only be resolved by his incredible skills at deduction. There’s a lovely moment where Cloud shows that his abilities can be passed on to another and the audience is suitably thrilled.

Colin Cloud is fast becoming a genuine superstar; he’s got good looks, charisma and, oh boy, does he have the talent. His regular appearances on ITV’s This Morning, guest spots on Saturday night TV and his upcoming appearance on the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent mean that he’s becoming as well known as that other non-mind-reading mind-reader, Derren Brown. However, Cloud has really created his own niche as The Forensic Mind Reader and no secrets are safe from his uncanny powers.

With so many other mind-readers presenting shows and doing spots at the Fringe, you may wonder what makes Colin Cloud so special. The answer is pretty obvious really; Cloud is simply the best at what he does. He’s become the poster boy for spectacle mind-reading at the Fringe and now his star is rising internationally. I apologise for what seems like a terrible cliché, but you really should try to see him perform before he becomes a superstar. This might be your last chance, go on, I dare you.

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The Blurb

His outrageous stunts on TV and stage have shaken celebrities and audiences to their core. Complete sell-out 2014-16. Dare you? In Dare you’ll be involved in a life-enhancing experience of epic proportion. The master of the unconscious, Cloud will calculate the future and deduce your intimate thoughts. Your life in his hands. Quite literally. ***** (Edinburgh Evening News). ***** (Daily Record). Star of The Illusionists (Broadway and West End). As seen on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show (BBC One). Warning: Your truths will be revealed for entertainment purposes.