Clever Peter: The Dreams Factory

‘We don’t just do adverts, we do dreams’. Clever Peter’s new live show is based around advertising agency The Dreams Factory. If you are a fan of 2012 or W1A, this is no Perfect Curve, but with strong characters and slick sketches this is a show that deserves an audience.

The comedy is dark, at times reminiscent of The League of Gentlemen.

A brand new live show that is billed on their publicity as ‘on the road to Edinburgh’ and it does feel as if this is a try out for Edinburgh. The show is too long by about ten minutes and has some ‘flab’ that needs cutting but has a heart of comedy gold.

A strong narrative links the quick-fire sketches; with characters returning again and again throughout the show. The comedy is dark, at times reminiscent of The League of Gentlemen. It’s laugh out loud funny with stand-out moments being a sketch about the life of an Estate Agent, a very funny joke about Groupon and a couple of pheasants indulging in a guilty pleasure.

But the truly funny moments came from mistakes; a broken chair, mispronounced words, mistimed entrances and corpsing. It was clear that this group genuinely has talent and chemistry. Clever Peter are definitely clever. Whether these ‘mistakes’ were scripted or not, their improvisation skills were exemplary, there was never a break in the action and the comedy banter ball was never dropped.

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The Blurb

Stars of their own BBC Radio 4 series, Clever Peter return with a brand-new live show on the road to the Edinburgh Fringe. Clever Peter would like to welcome you to The Dreams Factory. “Terrific ... If they don’t go very far, soon, there’s no such thing as British justice. Clever? Not half.” (The Telegraph)