Classical Accordion at the Fringe

Paul Chamberlain, professional accordionist and accomplished musician in the field of classical music, brings a fresh performance to the Fringe Festival with his accordion music, all classical pieces and all performed solely by himself. Chamberlain’s repertoire spans several decades of musical pioneers, with the likes of Bach, Rossini and Granados, whilst you are transported through a variety of countries including France, Italy, Germany and Russia.

Humble, charming and informative about what he plays, Paul Chamberlain is extremely talented (to the extent that he can play with his chin), exceeding all expectations I had for the show. He is quick to mask the infrequent mistake and handles the softer notes surprisingly well for an accordionist, but is strong enough to make his presence known for some of the louder, more dramatic pieces. The most remarkable technique of Chamberlain, however, resides in his ability to perform several melodies at once.

Some high points include his rendition of Scarlatti’s ‘Sonata in G Major’, Rossini’s ‘Aria del Figaro’, and his transcribed version of Mozart’s ‘Fantasia’, but the gentle harmonies of Franck Angelis are sensational in recalling a rustic Paris of the 1920s. The culmination of this performance ends with Zolataryev’s sonata No.2, with Chamberlain evocatively exerting a powerful grasp over the concluding notes in an enthralling display of musical mastery. A must-see for classical enthusiasts, this is one show that will let your imagination run to the greatest music halls of Europe.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

Hear the accordion as never before in a recital by Paul Chamberlain which stretches from Bach to contemporary Russian repertoire. 'Chamberlain's remarkable technique and the scope of his instrument shines throughout' (Musician).