Cirque Nocturne

Inspired by the hardboiled crime noir of the 40’s and 50’s, Cirque Nocturne has a narrator rather than a master of ceremonies. Our host is a hard-drinking private investigator attempting to solve yet another murder and encountering a line-up of circus performers who each have a secret of their own.

You can’t really go wrong with Cirque Nocturne.

It’s a lovely framing device for what is, essentially, a straight-forward circus show with all the aerial, fire poi and acrobalance you’d expect. The cast on the whole do a fine job at their individual skills and the two jugglers are particular standout performers with their individual acts. Unfortunately, the only thing that doesn’t really work is the actor playing the P.I. at the centre of it all. He’s not a very good actor and, although his bad puns and one-liners get laughs and groans aplenty, it’s really down to the writing rather than the delivery that it works at all.

Apart from that one complaint, it’s great to see a local Adelaide company filling out a big top at the Fringe and I’m sure that this company will go on to great things. If you like your circus accessible and pretty traditional, you can’t really go wrong with Cirque Nocturne.

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The Blurb

Cirque Nocturne encapsulates the seductive atmosphere of a classic Noir film of the 1940's. Join our down on his luck cynical Private Investigator as he navigates his way through a cast of sensuous femme fatales, seedy characters and corrupt cops, as he struggles to solve the crime, find love, and most importantly, get paid. Dark, moody and atmospheric... With it's soundtrack of period and contemporary jazz, the show encapsulates the ambience of vice, corruption and glamour that the Noir genre of films is best known for. Be mesmerised by feats of dexterity and acrobatic prowess, featuring acts by the very best and brightest circus and variety performers from around Australia, this is a show not to be missed!