Circa: Humans

Step into the grand Lafayette big top in Underbelly’s dedicated Circus Hub and witness the spectacle of internationally acclaimed Circa with their 2017 Fringe offering. Ten acrobats perform an hour of incredible feats with precision, strength and personality. Circa claim to be showing us Humans, but what they really show us, is that they are superhuman.

Join the packed audiences to gasp at the jaw dropping dynamism of Circa: Humans.

This is no ring-master and clown circus but in fact a resolute display of serious gymnastic and acrobatic skill. However, it’s not all serious business, Circa’s performers show us they are no strangers to comedy and have the audience giggling with an absurd section dedicated to their life aspiration of being able to lick their own elbows. An incredibly impressive scene sees one of the contortionists acting as limp as a ragdoll whilst being manipulated by her partner into incredible positions. Making control look so effortless is another display of their beyond human skillset.

The Circa company seem to be completely fearless as they jump, drop, throw and catch one another in every direction imaginable – showing us the implicit trust they have in one another to be precise and timely. People are thrown across the stage or from three humans high and land perfectly safe every time. Even when they seem to move in the last direction you expect, they are constantly creating gorgeous shapes and lines with their bodies. The acrobats move with fluidity, rippling their sculpted musculature, a testament to their determined strength. It shows us how the human body moves, each element connected to one another as we progress through life.

Circa’s incredible talent and reputation mean that this is one of the Festival’s hot tickets – be sure to book now before it sells out! Where else will you see one man casually carrying five people on his shoulders? Join the packed audiences to gasp at the jaw dropping dynamism of Circa: Humans

Reviews by Katie Daniel

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The Blurb

The new, thrilling and heart-stopping performance from the internationally acclaimed Circa (Closer, Beyond, Wunderkammer). Humans is an ecstatic love letter to our endangered species. Created by Yaron Lifschitz and fresh from a storming season at Sydney Festival, ten acrobats go faster, harder and higher than ever before, taking us on a stirring journey of what it means to be human and of how our bodies, our connections and our aspirations all form part of who we are. ‘The five-star favourite… a clear demonstration of the artistry of circus’ (Guardian). ‘The rock stars of the circus world’ ***** (List).