Christmas with Steptoe and Son
  • West End

Christmas simply wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to 26 Oil Drum Lane to catch up with the nation's favourite rag-and-bone-men and indulge in some classic, festive misadventures!

Albert and Harold - united by blood, divided over everything else - seem doomed to spend Christmas in each other's company. But Harold has his flights of fancy& including a flight he fancies abroad, or to throw the biggest Christmas party London's ever had to offer! His "dzirty old man" Albert, of course, has other ideas& Who wouldn't want to spend Christmas at Mrs. Boxwood's B&B in Bognor Regis anyway??

These much-loved episodes of classic comedy from Ray Galton and Alan Simpson have been freshly adapted for the stage and are presented by Hambledon Productions - the company behind the recent sell-out successes' "Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show" and "Steptoe and Son".

"Authentic Galton and Simpson& As funny as it ever was. A rattling good evening and I encourage you to see it" - London Theatre

"I can't recommend it enough" - Playhouse Pickings

"Both of the leads were excellent. An obvious respect, love and affection is shown to the originals. Just go!" - Audience Club