Christian Reilly: LOLternative Rock
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Perrier award-winning musical comedian gives LOLternative facts, yuge laughs and bigly hits. Featuring Depeche Mode: own personal Jesus vs nationalised Jesus, Ed Sheeran: #GingerElvesMatter, Drake: quack! Plus: Radiohead on karma police brutality, Foo Fighters on singing in all caps, The xx on Roman numerals, Aerosmithon transgender elevators and much more. 'Blisteringly funny' (Stage). 'Hysterical' **** (ThreeWeeks). 'Hyperventilating with laughter' ***** (Student). 'The comedy equivalent of Motrhead slamming straight into Ace Of Spades' (Scotsman). 'Amazingly high-quality' **** ( Seriously funny' (Richard Herring) 'Funny sonofabitch' (Rich Hall).