Christeene: Trigger

In Christeene’s second visit to Edinburgh she performs her latest show – Trigger. It is self-ascribed ‘Terrorist Drag’ mixing gritty basement rap with shock rock lyrics and coating it all in a hard-core version of Marilyn Manson during the peak of his antichrist superstar days.

A stimulating break from the ‘norm’ of theatre, cabaret and comedy.

Preluding Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar with the term ‘hard-core version’ should give an inkling to the audience of just how extreme the show is. If you’re offended by nudity, this is not the show for you. If you’re offended by lewdness, this is not the show for you in fact if you’re offended by things in general this will not be the show for you. If, however, you’re up for some mind-bending immersion accompanied by some skilfully delivered lyrics, this is a fantastic show.

The choreography is simple yet impactful, using brute shock tactics to affect the audience. A word should be mentioned for the backup dancers - they are truly integral to Christeene’s work and give excellent performances as the whipping boys, often literally, of the show. They allow Christeene to truly flourish in her storytelling.

Anyone who’s seen Christeene’s Christeene Machine may feel that this is a slightly weaker show – but only slightly. There’s a bit of a lull, and some of the songs don’t feel as strong, however overall it is a phenomenal performance with some banging music, an obvious crowd favourite being Fix My Dick. It is only, perhaps, compared to Christeene’s previous work that it could be felt to be not quite as impactful. For those who haven’t experienced her before, this could be considered a five star show.

What’s also excellent about Christeene is her message: there is a clear political critique of society, patriarchy and show business. It’s refreshing to see this wrapped up in such a well delivered parcel. If you’re in Edinburgh, this is such an out of place extraordinary show that it provides a stimulating break from the ‘norm’ of theatre, cabaret and comedy. For those seeking something actually on the wild side, with a message, and looking to lose some of those inadvertently built up social barriers, Christeene is the remedy to tear through those barriers with a Texas chainsaw.

Reviews by Dixon Baskerville

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The Blurb

CHRISTEENE triumphantly returns to the bowels of Edinburgh with an enclave of stank spoils from territories unknown in this new spectacle of filth and fantasy. Forging the raw and dangerous physical realms of this revolutionary provocateur, Trigger is a schizophrenic kaleidoscope of ferocious visions and mind-altering jams. 'Raunchy, raw, slick, sick and sensational' **** (Times). 'Fierce, filthy and fun… hugely accomplished' **** (Scotsman). 'Leave your inner wallflower at home, CHRISTEENE mashes punk, anarchy, gender politics, sex and a bit of musical theatre in this full-throttle slice of guerrilla cabaret.' **** (Metro).