Chris Ramsey: Feeling Lucky

It’s refreshing to hear a rising comedian of Chris Ramsey’s stature realise that he does actually have a pretty good job and his sincerity is often very touching. Not dwelling on his space within the realm of pop-culture for too long, he moves into science, getting a rousing applause for his savvy interpretation of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything.

That’s about as high-brow as it gets: Ramsey is the people’s comedian and his work centres around a lot of fart humour and cheeky whimsy, which the audienced receive like the first cocktail on a Saturday night.

Comfortable in his surroundings, his audience know exactly who he is. Ramsey is energetic, vibrant and youthful, exhausting the stationary audience as he jumped around ad-libbing. He even accidentally dropped some new material - ‘write that down!’ he shouted in the sound guy’s direction.

His comfort translated to the audience, as he wrist-bumped and got people throwing a large fluffy dice about the place. ‘The show’s always funnier when it’s spontaneous’ he quipped. It would have been nice to see a bit more spontaneity, as his rapport with his audience is magical and his presence addictive. Nevertheless, the show is hardly scripted - be prepared for lots of silliness.

Reviews by Adam Bloodworth


The Blurb

Following two consecutive sell-out Edinburgh shows and a sell-out UK tour, Foster’s Award nominee and panel show regular, Chris Ramsey, returns to the Fringe with his new stand-up show. ‘A brilliantly engaging natural storyteller’ (Evening Standard).