Chris Mccausland And Liam Mullone

Can a comedy show be rated on its interesting subject matter rather than its comedic merits? If so, Chris McCausland’s Not Blind Enough is definitely worth a look in. If not, you won’t be missing out too much if you can’t fit it into your fringe schedule.

Throughout his show McCausland talks candidly and openly about his life before and after his sight-impairment struck and discusses the daily struggles and situations that arise due to it. Be it accidentally trying to pay for his shopping with a pube or the ridiculousness of audio-descriptions on DVDs, McCausland’s willingness to poke fun at his affliction make for an often amusing hour.

Towards the end McCausland launches into a monologue about why the Paralympics are, in his opinion, patronising, offensive and, above all else, a waste of time. This may or may not be an opinion shared by the majority of the audience but there is no denying the insight of a disabled man tearing apart a sporting extravaganza which is rolled out every four years with his specific demographic in mind.

McCausland is an engaging public speaker and his audience may have happily listened to him proclaim his disdain for the Paralympics for the entire hour. However, we were there for comedy and, for the last 20 minutes or more of his routine, there wasn’t much of it.

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