Chris Martin: Passionate About the Pointless

Comedy that is jaded yet manages to toe the line and steer clear from being too depressing is no mean feat. The key is in the delivery and Chris Martin has absolutely got this down.

Passionate About The Pointless is essentially a rant fest of cynical proportions, but somehow leaves us feeling anything but down in the dumps. Throughout the hour, we become Martin’s sounding board as he shares his observations of the many things in life that baffle and annoy him.

Martin’s material is intelligently written and well structured with some really clever use of wordplay. His dry sense of humour and warped imagination turn everyday objects on their head and change our perspective on them. The most ordinary and mundane things become a source of laughter – I will never look at a bath the same way again.

Each anecdote is set up to have a bit of a snowball effect; there is no one single punchline but multiple funny parts which he skillfully builds up, one on top of the other, each one getting funnier than the last. Every story leads seamlessly to the next and though he sometimes goes off on tangents, he never loses focus and instinctively brings the show back on track.

What I found truly impressive was just how well his show travelled and was received by the crowd – there wasn’t one joke that didn’t work. His ability to work the room and engage with the crowd played a big part in this. From beginning to end, he had the audience hooked on his every word.

Chris Martin is an accomplished comedian and a rising star in the comedy circuit. Passionate About The Pointless is a solid hour of endlessly entertaining comedy that will have you in stitches and resonate with you for days after.

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

Fresh from supporting Milton Jones and Russell Kane, Chris Martin (Dave’s One Night Stand) brings his show to Edinburgh.  ‘One of the UK's most promising young observationalists’ (Guardian).  ‘Destined for Greatness’ (Sunday Times).