China Goes Pop!

China Goes Pop is an action-packed hour for all the family to enjoy; full of acrobatics held together by a simple love story between two of the performers.

China Goes Pop is a good way to entertain the family for an hour.

This performance opens with dancers jumping through hoops of various heights and sizes. Overall this was fantastic though the occasional slip from the performers let the professionalism drop. Despite the occasional minor error the show was high energy throughout.

It can be difficult to fill time while performers get their energy back after a very aerobic scene. China Goes Pop manages to do this to varying degrees. The love story, despite being very heteronormative, gets the audience engaged with the odd quirky duet. It was disappointing to see, during one recovery scene, a video of some acrobats that was reproduced live later in the show. This was a bad use of time.

There was good audience interaction when two members of the audience were asked to learn a dance on stage. Their mistakes were funny and had everyone laughing. There was also a fashion show which demonstrated that the performers could dance to tight choreography while having the stamina to do very strenuous aerobics. This was far less physical than other scenes but still entertaining.

China Goes Pop is a good way to entertain the family for an hour. It is a show anyone can enjoy: children can enjoy flashing lights, good acrobatics and bouncing balls while their parents can appreciate the talent of the performers. Some of their dances will have the audience in awe for hours after. Hopefully the minor errors will smooth themselves out and the phenomenal scenes will make up for those that are not as energetic.

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China Goes Pop!




The Blurb

Eye-popping, entertaining show direct from China, starring brilliant world-class acrobats, including Cirque du Soleil alumni. This story of an artist and his muse unfolds through dazzling acrobatics, martial arts, physical comedy, stunning video and costumes against a pop soundtrack. Produced by China Arts and Entertainment Group, the leading entertainment company in China, and executive produced by Broadway Asia International, the Tony Award-winning producers who have previously brought spectacular sold-out productions including Cookin' to the Edinburgh Fringe. 'Awesome visual effects. Highly entertaining spectacle!' (Shanghai Daily). 'Delightfully hilarious, yet still tugs at the heartstrings.' (Beijing Morning Post).