Chechelele World Music Choir

Ranging from pleasantly slow and soothing to fast and excitable and even angry, the sounds produced by the Chechelele World Music Choir were vibrant and vast. Their set took the audience vocally around the world from South Africa and Uganda, to Bulgaria and South America.

They performed incredibly confidently.

Their performance had a pleasantly gentle energy which was incredibly endearing to watch. Some very sincere introductions really helped to set the scene before every song, as the majority were not in English, and understanding what the song was about (even if you couldn’t understand the words) helped the audience enjoy the performance even more. Each part within the choir seemed to understand what it was doing within every song very well, and on this understanding they worked together in perfect harmony. The movements, though simple and subtle, were effective with the songs and really helped to convey the message.

Soloists within the show were equally endearing. The passion behind the solos really helped to take the audience to the song’s origin and it was obvious that the performance of each line had been carefully considered. They performed incredibly confidently and were not afraid to express themselves and bare their souls through song. 

Reviews by Joshua Young

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Chechelele World Music Choir

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The Blurb

We are an a cappella choir from York. Our repertoire derives from folk traditions in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and New Zealand. Our songs relate to themes of life, love, death, slavery, freedom and everyday life. We love songs with meaning, and create harmonies to reflect moods of joy and thoughtfulness. We regularly donate a proportion of any profit from performances to charities relating to the countries from where our songs originate, or other music charities. We perform in festivals and fundraising events locally and regionally. We run workshops and often encourage some audience participation.