Charlie Caper & Malin Nilsson: Minor Miracles

The initial impression of this show is that it’s going to be an hour of magic with a bit of banter and it’s exactly that but it’s also wonderful. Many of the tricks on display are old classics; the ball and cup routine, rope trick, linking rings, and the bottle and glass switch routine made famous by the legendary Tommy Cooper but, like Cooper, Caper and Nilsson have made these routines their own unique spectacle.

Beautiful, barmy and brilliant.

Caper and Nilsson seem almost shabby onstage and you could imagine that the magic on display will be equally threadbare but there’s a comfortable assuredness in their awkwardness that sums up why Minor Miracles is such a special show. There isn’t a moment when you can let your attention slip as the sleight of hand is phenomenal and items seemingly disappear and appear before your eyes despite being warned to watch closely.

An unexpected moment sees the introduction of a tiny robot version of Caper who joins his flesh and blood counterpart in a beautifully choreographed routine that entrances the audience and is quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a magic show.

The magic continues with an enchanting routine of soap bubbles being transformed to glass spheres before the wonderful finale of the show that sees the audience give an entirely justified standing ovation.

Beautiful, barmy and brilliant, keep an eye out for Caper and Nilsson in the future; it won’t take a miracle for them to become superstars.

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The Blurb

Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Magic 2016! The show is back for it's third and last year, by popular demand!She is the glorious enfant terrible of magic. He is a gentleman hobo, a conjuror extraordinaire. All the way from Sweden, Caper and Nilsson bring their unique combination of magic, comedy and surrealism. A laugh-out-loud, one-of-a-kind magic show packed with world class sleight-of-hand magic and topped with a pinch of confetti.