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The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London and The Embassy of The Republic of Bulgaria London


The star of Bulgarian cinema and theatre, the actor Zachary Baharov, in London in the theatrical production of "Chamkoria", based on the novel of the same name by Milen Ruskov.

"Chamkoria" had its premiere at Theatre 199 in Sofia on 26th of December 2017.

Zachary Baharov steps into the role of Bae Slave, the salt-of-the-earth bus driver who takes us 90 years back in Bulgarian history to express his views on the turmoil of his time.

Milen Ruskov, author of the well-known novels "Heights" and "Chamkoria" and winner of the European Union Literature Prize, is a prominent Bulgarian writer and translator from English.

Javor Gardev is the talented and successful director of the show, whose productions in Bulgaria and Russia and co-productions with France, Netherlands and Germany have left a lasting mark on the development of Bulgarian theatre.

Svetoslav Kokalov is a Bulgarian stage designer and two-time winner of the ASKEER Awards.

Zachary Baharov has received international acclaim for his roles in the internationally successful series "Game of Thrones", the Bulgarian neo-noir feature "Zift", and the series "Undercover".

One-man show in Bulgarian with English Surtitles.

Adapted for stage by Javor Gardev & Zachary Baharov

Stage and Costume Design by Svetoslav Kokalov

English Translation by Angela Rodel