Casual Violence: Om Nom Nom Nominous - Free

Sometimes the proof of a great show comes from hints that your body gives you: your face hurts because you’ve been grinning so much, a consistent silent laughter that you are desperately trying to control erupts, and you might even contract a bout of hiccoughs. Casual Violence: Om Nom Nom Nominous is a fantastic lesson in how to write sketch comedy.

Their chemistry is undeniable and infectious

Greg Cranness, Dave Arrondelle, Luke Booys, Alex Whyman & James Hamilton are like this generation’s answer to Monty Python. A group of performers so confident in their material that they decide a free fringe “best of…” show will work. This confidence is well placed: they are a quality act. Assisted by a fantastic live soundtrack of piano played by Ben Champion, in the first sketch they establish what kind of show it is going to be; brilliantly written, slightly dark comedy, performed with a simple childlike freneticism. Though I sound slightly like a TV chef – these guys deserve some serious credit and recognition for the work they have put together.

This charismatic and accomplished group cheerlead the audience in the laughter by watching every single sketch from just offstage. They seem to perform as much to each other as to the audience. This is in no way a criticism as they keep material, which to them must be old, fresh and interesting for themselves. Points where things went wrong were covered with some fantastically quick-witted comments, and displayed a mastery in timing and improvisation.

Considering they have brought another paid show this year, it warms me to them that they are happy to bring a free show as well. It is their sixth year together and their chemistry is undeniable and infectious. This show displayed a confidence bred from knowing what you do is good. Clearly, all they want to do is perform and make people laugh. This is some seriously good semi-late comedy, and more than worth the £0 you have to pay to get in. The rest of the money in your wallet you’ll leave in the hat on the way out.

Reviews by Christopher Spring

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The Blurb

‘What Not To Miss: Casual Violence mix Game of Thrones, the League of Gentlemen and Roald Dahl to create dark, twisted and silly skits’ (Sunday Times). Five star sketch villains Casual Violence have returned to fling their darkest, weirdest, strangest bits at you for an hour in their critically acclaimed best-of show, fresh from sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Soho Theatre. Om Nom Nom Nominous. Now updated for 2014. And now with an extra Nom. ***** (Skinny, ThreeWeeks, Latest 7,,