Cassetteboy vs DJ Rubbish

I am middle class. Unashamedly and overtly so. I like drinking Earl Grey, I tut at fellow commuters for rustling their Metros too frequently. All that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Cassetteboy Vs DJ Rubbish and this proves, if nothing else, that you don't need to be down the kids and things to have a bare good time. Isn't it.

Despite my penchant for Kafka based jokes and cravat based comforts, no peep (trying to keep it real over here) can deny the hilarity thrown into the mix by Cassetteboy. From Captain James T. Kirk screaming along to sexy elctro-synth riffs to well known TV chefs unwittingly providing new, repast based lyrics to well known dance floor favourites, Cassetteboy does, I believe the phrase is, keep the props lolz coming throughout the night. It's rare to leave a club night with all your limbs hurting from the dancing and your entire face hurting from the laughing.

Unfortunately, Cassetteboy (who, confusingly, in real life outside the fringe is two people) has an accomplice, DJ Rubbish, who is not only painfully unfunny but immensely annoying. His parody character of the try hard MC is underdeveloped and under directed to the point where he detracts from the main action. His flailing and ad hoc comments are sour notes in the dub step melody of the show. He is occasionally joined by dancing gorillas and the like and, as a visual gag and stimulus, this works well but one feels the DJ addition may have been a late night thought to allow both boys of the tape to get a go at performing.

Despite all this, Cassetteboy is well bo and I have totes respect for him and his chums.

Is 'chums' street?

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The Blurb

YouTube sensations Cassetteboy and idiot rapper DJ Rubbish crash a comedy show into a nightclub and dance on the wreckage. Alan Sugar snogs Rihanna at a disco for laughing at. Messy late night fun. 'Hilarious' (BBC).