Caroline Reid RAWR
  • West End

Caroline Reid should not be alive today. Statistically, she should be lying handcuffed under a Premier Inn bed, floating in the Thames, or detoxing in Holloway Correctional Facility for Women, but somehow she's alive and well and ready to divulge all her harrowing and outrageous adventures.

'Reid makes Amy Schumer look like a nun!' - Get Out NY

'If Reid was to recreate her live stand up into a TV show it would be Will and Grace meets Sex and the City on crack!' - Edge NY NY

'Reid is right up there with Joan Rivers' - Time Square Chronicles

'Who knew paranoia could be so funny?' - Boyz UK

Caroline Reid, the comedian behind the beloved, brash flight attendant Pam Ann, is stripping off her stewardess uniform and performing her brand new, bare-all, stand-up comedy show.