Carl Hutchinson: Acceptable?

Good looks and charm can go a long way to be a success in stand up comedy. You also need the talent and the ability to think on your feet to back it up. Carl Hutchinson has it all.

After a slow but clever sequence featuring every platitude under the sun, Hutchinson’s show kicks off with his thoughts on what areas of our society should be deemed unacceptable and should therefore be banned forever. His mild rants on Tapas, waking up in the morning and One Direction are witty and his culminating sequence about Britain’s Got Talent is smart, astute and hysterical.

Hutchinson’s delivery is laid back at most, although his well-timed moments of high-pitched energy cleverly inject pace just when required. His material has cross-generational appeal. There was a warmth and appreciation from the whole audience and one felt an atmosphere of enjoyment throughout.

What wasn’t Acceptable was the faulty sound at the venue. Hutchinson had to battle with three microphone and three leads, none of which worked properly. Many a comedian would have fallen to pieces, but Hutchinson coped admirably. Neither a prospective audience, nor especially Hutchinson should give a hoot about this if it were ever to happen again (which would be highly unlikely) as you could hear every word and it didn’t spoil the enjoyment of the show one bit. In fact, it made you listen all the more.

Hutchinson is one to watch. He has the looks but needs to use what he’s got: a bit of grooming and ditching the ill-fitting beige jeans would enhance his commerciality. Well worth a visit.

Reviews by Gordon Noele

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The Blurb

No skinny jeans or fancy hair for this young rising star. World Series winner, SYTYF? Finalist, Mercury Nominee and seen on ITV's Stand-Up Hero. Join Carl as he attempts to comprehend the world he feels isolated from.